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Although JMBricklayer is still in the process of accumulating strength and striving to grow, we will carefully create every product and listen to every voice, so that every product can touch your heart. All Lego-type modular building lovers are welcome to try and experience our products. We will provide what builders would like to see on our blog with enthusiasm, and we welcome feedback from everyone on what you think and what you would like to see. Support the growth of JMB and you will have more choices.

JMBricklayer Attack on Pirate Bay giveaway cover

Happy Halloween Giveaway, 2023 Otc.

Me Happy Halloween Giveaway Attack On Pirate Bay Medieval Period Theme Sets Lucky Draw, Total 6 Winners 18/10/23 – 27/10/23 Ahoy, fearless adventurers and treasure-seekers!

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JMBricklayer JMB-2023 October News--Second Half-Feature Image
Company News

2023 October News–Halloween Highlights

Ⅰ. Halloween Giveaway: Attack on Pirate Bay(18th-27th) Halloween is around the corner, and we’re setting sail for the ‘Attack on Pirate Bay’ giveaway event! Get

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JMBricklayer JMB-The Money Tree-Featured Image
Product Story
Chris Taylor

The Money Tree Tales

Growing up, you might have heard the phrase “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, which is what parents say to discourage their kids from wasteful spending.

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JMBricklayer Oct member special deal
Members' News

2023 Oct. Members’ News

Exclusive Monthly Member Deals! From 1st to 3rd of every month, brace yourself for our special member-only offers! Enjoy massive discounts on bundled products and

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New Arrival: Sunflowers Set 70004

Our latest release, the Sunflowers Set 70004, offers you a ticket to the past, where you can relive the magic of Vincent van Gogh’s sunflower paintings right in your own home.

JMB’s 1st Anniversary

JMB. Me 1st Anniversary: Thank You, Friends! 1 November 2023 | JMBricklayer Team Dear Friends, As we celebrate JMB’s first anniversary, we want to express

2023 November News

November is here, and with it comes a month of fantastic events, exclusive discounts, and exciting giveaways. Get ready for a November like no other,

New Releases on Amazon Stores: October 2023

Our upcoming sets will soon grace the JMB Amazon stores this October. However, the precise release dates may stay uncertain due to Amazon’s internal processes.

2023 October News–First Half

Gear up for the thrilling early October with JMBricklayer! Get ready to experience fantastic discounts and captivating giveaways on our Pirate Ship Collections. Mark your

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